Rose Prendergast a Constant Support Throughout The Games

written by Sarah May
21 August 2012

Paul Prendergast a kidney recipient from Santry Avenue, Dublin is a Games veteran, having attended every Games both European and World since 2004, excluding Germany in 2008 for health reasons. Paul’s lovely wife Rose has been a constant support to him and the team throughout this time, having attended every single Games with him.

Paul today admits he would be lost without the support of his wife at the games; ” I couldn’t go without her she minds me. She has supported me all the way through, every road I’ve been down.  I wouldn’t be here without  her .” Rose discussed her love for the Games and how she and Paul keep an eye on each other; ” The Games are something to look forward to. I love coming. It’s great to be here supporting him and the team. I have to keep him under the finger, we keep each other in check.”

Paul competes in the  60-69 category. He was victorious yesterday in securing Silver and Bronze in the Freestyle relay race and the medley relay. During the week he shall compete in the bowling singles, bowling doubles, petanque singles and petanque doubles. Paul  today discussed how he keeps himself healthy and active “eating right is so important I grow a lot of my own food. Keeping active is vital.” Paul and Rose are  both enjoying the this years Games experience.

One thought on “Rose Prendergast a Constant Support Throughout The Games

  1. Paula Prendergast

    Hi mam and dad, hope you’re both enjoying Krakow, We see you’re doing super pops and we couldn’t be more proud of you, have a great time and we’ll see you when get home. Lots oof love Paula, Paddy and Elli xxxx

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