World Transplant Games 2013 – Rules

The Rules for the 2013 World Transplant Games have been officially released. Click on the link below to read them.

Sports Rules for 2013 World Transplant Games

Please note: There have several changes

There have been a number of changes to the rules for competition for these Games.  Among the more significant:

  • For doubles events that have age group competition, the age groups have changed to under 30, 30-49, and 50 and over (p. 2).
  • In golf, the medals in the net (handicap) competition will be awarded in the following handicap groups: 0-8, 9-16, and 17-25. The gross (scratch) medals will continue to be awarded in the standard age groups of the Games (p. 5).
  •  In the road race, the women’s distance has been increased to 5K to match that of the men (p. 6).
  •  In athletics, the rules of racewalking have been changed to allow bent knees (p. 9).  This rule change will mandate a much more rigorous enforcement of the rules–in particular that there be continual contact with the ground–and the application of penalties and disqualification.
  •  In athletics, the implement weights for all events and all age groups are listed on p. 9.  There are some minor differences between the implement weights for the World Transplant Games and those used in a few age groups in world masters competition–please make sure that your throwers check this information so that they know the correct weight for their age group.
  • In juniors competition, there have been several additions to the competition program.
  • In events which have doubles competition, a mixed doubles category is now a category in all doubles competition.

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