A new day dawns… #wtg2013

The sun will soon be up on another day in Durban, South Africa. Day 4 of the World Transplant Games is about to begin. Hundreds of athletes are stirring from their slumber with hope in their hearts and a great sense of anticipation coursing through their veins.

Today’s competitions offer another opportunity to showcase the success of organ donation and transpalntation, to honour the Gift of Life given so freely by organ donors and to strive for personal bests and maybe even a medal!

The World Transplant Games are sending the word across the globe, Organ Donation Works! The athletes are letting people know that they can be part of the magic by making a commitment to organ donation.

Today we have people involved in 5 different sports.

Badminton Doubles:
Vienna White & Harry Ward

Golf Singles:
James Nolan
Brian Carney
Eoin Hurley
Seamus Eager

Lawn Bowls Pairs:
Catherine Murphy & Bridie Nicholson

Peter Heffernan
Sheila Gregan
Orla Hogan
Deirdre Faul
Sinead McGowan

Andrew Duncan

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