9 Lives – 9 Goals: A Northern Ireland Initiative

An initiative planned for 2014 that may be of interest to you – we have an open invitation to get involved. Let me know if you are interested in any or all of the events.

Colin White (colin@ika.ie)


9 LIVES – G.O.A.L.S.

9 LIVES – 9 GOALS have been conceived by Steve Carter, Christopher Johnston, William Johnston and Neil Robinson.

Each of these people has been directly affected by Organ Donation – “THE GIFT OF LIFE “

Steve Carter donated his wife’s Organs 4 year’s ago when Denise died during childbirth to their fourth child, a beautiful daughter.  Denise’s Organs saved 5 other people. Steve represents Donor Families –the GIVER of the GIFT OF LIFE

Christopher Johnston received a kidney from his brother 6 years ago and has since been living his life to the full. Christopher represents transplant recipients – the RECEIVER of the GIFT OF LIFE

William Johnston has been waiting for a kidney transplant for 16 years and Neil Robinson has been waiting for a kidney transplant for 22 years. They live in hope of a transplant and represent – the WAITERS of the GIFT OF LIFE


When a person decides to donate Organs on their death, they can potentially save or transform the lives of 9 other people. Organs which can be transplanted include the heart, lung x 2, liver, kidney x 2, pancreas, corneas, bone/tissue and cartilage.

Currently, there are 7500 on the transplant list in the UK. This includes the 200 people in Northern Ireland on the transplant list.

Unfortunately, 3 people die in the UK every day waiting for a transplant. The demand for life-saving transplants far outstrips the supply of available Organs

Therefore, the objectives of 9 LIVES – 9 GOALS are –

1)      to increase public awareness of Organ Donation,

2)      to encourage people to consider  signing the Donor Register,

3)      to stimulate people to have the CONVERSATION with their loved ones over their wishes regarding Organ Donation

4)      to raise funds for future Organ Donation promotion projects including the North Down New Life Donor Bench, New Life Gardens, educational Organ Donation resources, an Organ Donation book. All funds will be channelled through the Denise Carter Foundation which was set up in memory of Denise who gave the GIFT OF LIFE



THE 9 LIVES – 9 G.O.A.L.S.

This is a series of challenges designed to attract as wide a spectrum of people who are interested in the promotion of Organ Donation and/or raising funds for Organ Donation.

The challenges are varied to include different interests and abilities and wherever possible be family friendly in which children can be fully involved.

The theme through the challenges is the figure 9 to tie in with the 9 LIVES.

Challenges include a 9km swim, 9 mile walk, 9 hole golf, 90 metre abseil, 90 km cycle, 9 film cinema challenge, 90 mile LAP THE LOUGH cycling challenge. The swim. cinema, walk, golf are all family friendly

It is hoped to tag onto events which have already been organised therefore minimising management and organising responsibilities ie Belfast Marathon

The 9 Lives – 9 Challenges hopes to be fully inclusive to all areas of Northern Ireland with events taking place in Belfast, Bangor, Armagh, Fermanagh, Lough Neagh

The challenges will also be an ALL IRELAND project with one of the challenges taking place in the south of Ireland  –  A GALWAY SAILING/FISHING CHALLENGE

Steve and Christopher hope to complete all 9 challenges. William and Neil will attend all challenges and hope to complete any challenges that their health and medical condition will allow.

To find out more about each of the challenges see below:

9 Lives Programme

It is hoped that other members of the Charities of the NORTHERN IRELAND TRANSPLANT FORUM and members of the public will select the challenges best suited to their interests and abilities and raise funds for their individual Charities and for Organ Donation promotion


The official launch of 9 LIVES – 9 CHALLENGES will be in February 2014

It is hoped that the launch will be something special and a challenge in itself. A possibility is Steve, Chris, William accompanied by 6 other people abseiling of a building in Belfast


There will be financial overheads with participation in the events such as entry fees, t-shirts, administration, travel and accommodation.

It is hoped that a major sponsor can be attracted which can recognise the commercial and ethical benefits of sponsoring 9 LIVES – 9 GOALS

Any sponsor would have their logo on t-shirts and any other promotional material associated to 9 LIVES – 9 GOALS

For further information, please contact William Johnston  tel 02891271312, e-mail willjohnston1@hotmail.co.uk

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