The people behind the scenes…

For anything to run smoothly there has to be people behind the scenes putting in leg-work, offering support and generally motivating those around them.

There are many wonderful and caring volunteers here at the Championships in Krakow.  They are giving of their time


and enthusiasm to support a successful staging of the Championships.  They will not be receive the limelight but they will be there to make sure that everything keeps progressing well. It brings back memories of the wonderful Local Organising Committee and volunteers we had for the Dublin Games – people keen to put their positive mark on the world,  people we need in all walks of life…


Our own team has people beavering away behind the scenes,  all working to ensure our trip goes well on every level and that the positive message about the importance and success of organ donation and transplantation gets out to the public.

Our team doctor,  Yvonne,  has been with us since 2010. She continues to watch over us all and ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with competently.

Our media team of Gwen O’Donoghue and Sarah May are working tirelessly to ensure that our message is heard by the public. Also, they keep our families and friends updated through our Blog and social media – aided by James Reynolds,  the IKA’s social media coordinator and also a member of our sports team.


Mark Murphy (IKA CEO) is here in his capacity as Secretary of the European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Federation but he is also a resourceful facilitator who solves problems and makes things happen.

Stephen O’Sullivan is Chairman of the IKA and he is another person who can be relied upon to make things happen.

Our team captain,  Harry Ward, our experienced competitors, our first timers and our huge team of supporters all play their part in building the reputation of our team which enhances the impact of our message – organ donation works.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of Transplant Team Ireland and I would urge any transplant recipient or person on dialysis to consider joining this merry band of world changers.

Life is a Gift,  Pass it on!


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