Day Four Schedule at the European Transplant & Dialysis Championships in Krakow

Today is a busy day for Team Ireland athletes. We have athletes competing in:

Bowling Singles:

Chikoyo White

Linda Waters

Thomas Doherty

James Reynolds 

Zimele Brown

Charlie Ryan

Hugo Boyce

Paul Predergast

Charlie Ryan

Bowling Doubles:

Orla Hogan & Chikoyo White

Thomas Doherty & James Hannon

James Reynolds & Zimele Brown

Paul Prendergast & Hugo Boyce

Bowling Mixed Doubles:

Linda Waters & James Hannon


Kieran Murray

Vincent Bradshaw

Marie O’Connor

Eoghan O’Neill

Edward McAuliffe

James Nolan

Richard Costello

Michael Dwyer

Rnald Grainger

Philip Kavanagh

John McAleer

Tennis Singles:

Andrew Duncan

Madeline Donaghy

Tennis Doubles:

Andrew Duncan & Madeline Donaghy

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