Who cares?

This week’s events in Krakow are all about celebrating the gift of life through sport.  Every competitor has an inspiring story but equally, every competitor has a support team behind them who care and who have played a part in getting them to where they are today – promoting organ donation through sport on an international stage.

IMG_2844These ‘behind the scenes’ people, be they family, friends, medical personnel, sponsors or the wider community at large are always there to support in whatever way they can. They give so others can prosper and their positive input should be lauded.

If we look beyond the individual’s support team at the many messages we have received already this week, we can see that there are so many people who care about what our athletes are doing here.  Fellow transplant recipients and people on dialysis are keenly following the progress of the team as they find inspiration in the ‘yes we can’ attitude that comes from the team. Organ donor families are taking an active interest in the achievements of our team at the European Championships as they can take solace from the fact that the gift of a loved one’s organs has helped others to reach for new heights.

Our team members are acutely aware of the responsibilities that come with being a member of our team. They are all ambassadors for the importance and success of organ donation and transplantation.

People join our team because they care about others who are in need of an organ transplant and they want to open the eyes of the public to the profoundly positive impact that organ donation, the gift of life, can have.

As Gandhi is purported to have said; Be the change you wish to see in the world. Make a commitment to organ donation, let your family know your wishes and join the team of people who care…


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