An update on WTG2015 in Argentina

Below is correspondence from the President of the World Transplant Games Federation, Olivier Coustere, in relation to this year’s World Transplant Games in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.(August 23rd – 30th)

WTG2015 Logo Transparent

Dear Country Representatives and Team Managers

For some weeks now we have been receiving requests for updated information regarding the World Transplant Games 2015 in Mar del Plata and I wish to take this opportunity to confirm to you the current situation.

Firstly, the Games will definitely take place – no doubt about it.

There have certainly been some delays in the planning – due partly to the fact that the Argentine Government departments have taken over the organisation and there have been some changes in the personnel locally. That said, our Secretary, Gary Green, visited the organising team last November and witnessed the seriousness with which they are working on the Games.

The registration is being finalised this week – WTGF has chosen a more advanced registration system for the Games – the basic information is now ready and the system will be uploaded very soon.
As for the website, the original website and logo was amended and improved and the LOC are now ready to launch the new site this week hopefully – again the delay was due to their desire to do the best possible site and we believe that you will agree when you see it.

On the topic of transportation, which is of major concern for many, we know that the majority of international flights will arrive at the Buenos Aires international airport and the LOC has confirmed that they will be arranging coach pick up for all teams at that airport – full details will be available later but please note that the bus journey will take up to 6 hours so you should bear this in mind when planning your arrival day. Registration opens on Sunday 23 August. There are internal flights to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires domestic airport but we believe that those flights are not frequent and do not allow for the level of baggage that our participants would carry – it would also involve travelling across Buenos Aires from international to domestic airport which takes at least one hour, conceivably much more with traffic. So the recommendation is to use the supplied buses.

We will be able to announce the cost of the Games package very soon and we encourage you all to continue with your plans. The delays in the announcements of details have been quite frustrating for all concerned but we do not have any doubt about the ability of the team in Argentina to provide us with an excellent Games and a great welcome in August. Please await further news to be circulated either by WTGF office or by the first of the new Newsletters coming from the LOC shortly.

Yours friendly Olivier Coustere President

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