WTG2015 Update


The correspondence below was received yesterday…

Dear Member of WTGF

We realise that you are waiting for a long time for the final information to allow you and your teams to register for the forthcoming World Transplant Games in Argentina this year.

Normally by now, we would hope to have an informative official website with much information and also for the registration to be open with the price of the Games announced.

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Executive and Council of the WTGF to state that despite our very best efforts over many months, including an exceptional visit by our General Secretary Gary Green to Argentina, we are finding it very difficult to obtain the necessary information for you to make a decision to attend the Games.

WTGF will only allow an LOC to continue with an event in our name if we are fully satisfied that the organisation of such an event is absolutely to the high standard that we dictate in our Agreement with an LOC – the sports venues, the accommodations, the food and all facilities, the transport and the most important medical and safety procedures have to be in place and absolutely agreed by us.

Unless and until WTGF is totally satisfied that all these elements are in place for the 2015 Games, we cannot open the registration system and therefore we ask you now to be patient for 1 more week in order to allow us to be assured that all the necessary measures are taken to satisfy our high standards. We are working daily with the Argentinean Government and ensuring these Games are held professionally with the highest degree of safety in mind is our number one priority. We also appreciate that many people have also committed financially to attend these Games and we are doing everything to protect the interests of the transplant community worldwide which has always relied on our leadership for the successful delivery of these Games for many years.

Best regards

Olivier Coustere

On behalf of the Council of WTGF

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