Day 2 Swimming and more medals…

Keen to build on the success in the pool yesterday, Peter and Deirdre were again well  prepared and in the zone for competition.

Deirdre was up first with the 400m freestyle, a gruelling event in any man’s language. Her training in advance of the Games really shone through as she kept a consistent pace and pulled away when she needed to do so. She did very well to come away with the GOLD medal.

After an extremely successful day Peter yesterday Peter was back for more. Having taken gold in the 50m back-stroke thoughts turned towards the possibilities the 100m back stroke offered. After a false start by another competitor, Peter’s race got underway and he was immediately in contention going down the first 50m. As soon as Peter touched to turn it was evident that there was a lot more in the tank yet. He would it up as he ploughed through the water in a very confident fashion which brought him to another GOLD medal.

It was a pleasure to share two days at the pool with our swimmers and it was particularly pleasing that their repective commitment to training and preparation clearly paid off.

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