A message from one of our own…

​I would just like to wish you and all of Transplant Team Ireland all the best at the ETDG in Finland this week. 

All of the team have showed and are still showing remarkable fighting spirit to overcome and live with ill health.

Remember heroes dont always wear capes and be on the big screen. There is 29 heroes getting on that plane tomorrow. They’re the perfect role models for people who who may be in similar situation in the near future. Life doesnt stop with renal failure, you just inherit a bigger family with Transplant Team Ireland. 

I have no doubt the atmostphere created by you all will be similiar to the Irish soccer fans, ye will get everyone talking about Transplant Team Ireland and some wishing they were Irish too. 

I would like to wish each and every one of you the very best of luck. Relax enjoy the occassion as its an amazing experience. 

I hope you all will get stopped going through the Airport coming home with the metal detector going off!!!

I will be glued to twitter and online with my calculator counting all those medals.

All the best

Colm & Nichola Clifford

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