Cork Man Charlie Ryan secures Five in Row at European Championships

imageBy Sarah May


Cobh native Charlie Ryan secured the Gold In Darts yesterday for the fifth time in a row at the European Transplant & Dialysis Championships, having secured it for the first time at the European Games in Germany in 2008.

Charlie followed up on his success today bagging the silver in his Petanque Event.Charlie was thrilled with his successes and is really enjoying his time at the Games. He said earlier today,” I am already looking forward to the world games next year. It’s great to travel with the family that is Transplant Team Ireland. The Transplant & Dialysis Games are a great thing, and everyone should carry an organ donor card.”

Charlie is a much loved member of Transplant Team Ireland and has made an impact on his teammates during his time on the Team. Fellow Cork native and Team Ireland athlete Mike Keohane said,”Charlie is a great character. He is very dedicated to the Darts and I’m glad he reaped the reward for his hard practice. He is a consistent athlete and a very supportive member of the team.

Team Ireland athletes Lenny Ryan and Peter Heffernan spoke of his team spirit. Lenny said,” he is salt of the earth. He is brilliant for team spirit and always good at starting a singsong.” Peter discussed Charlie’s understated nature and ability to give a smile to each and every member of the team.

When asked about Charlie Transplant Team Manager, Colin White instantly spoke of his positivity, ” I really like what he’s about. He has a very can-do attitude, he would be a positive addition to any team and most certainly has a very positive impact on our team.”

Charlie will be competing in the Bowling event on Thursday and will hopefully give the team a song rendition during the week!


2 thoughts on “Cork Man Charlie Ryan secures Five in Row at European Championships

  1. Mary M Jones .North Carolina

    Charlie is my Brother and I am very proud of him,and yes he’s always a happy positive person. Good luck to all of the team.Go Team Ireland.

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