#WTG2017 Medicals Forms

Have you arranged an appointment to get your medical form completed for this year’s World Transplant Games? If not, you need to move quickly as it is important to get your completed medical forms into me (Colin White) in Donor House.

The medical forms can be downloaded from the Games website. Click HERE.

Please make sure that you download and print the Guide to Participants and Guide to complete medical forms also.

Every year we have questions about the stress test section of the medical form. The text below, from the WTGF, will hopefully help clarify the situation:


To clarify the wording:
If you are participating in a medium or high level sport  AND meet one of the following statements – then you are highly recommended to have a stress test:

  1. You are over the age of the 40 (regardless of type of transplant)
  2. You are a cardiac or heart transplant (regardless of age) 
  3. You have a history of coronary artery diseases (regardless of age)
  4. If you are participating in the 3 on 3 Basketball event (regardless of age or transplant)

The stress test is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. If your consultant feels that a stress test is not required, the relevant section on the form needs to be signed declaring this.
Medium or high level  sports include:  
Table Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics Field & Track Events. Kayak, Race Walking, Badminton, Cycling, Swimming, Tennis, Road Race, Squash, 3 on 3 Basketball and Padel Tennis.

A stress test It is not required if you are only participating in low level stress sports, these include: 

Golf, Petanque / Boule, Tenpin Bowling and Darts

Please note, you may send your completed medical form in a sealed envelope marked ‘Do Not Open’ if you wish – it will be sent on to the organisers in Spain without review in this case. Otherwise, send your medical as normal and I will review it, purely to ensure that it has been fully completed. The organisers will have a copy of your medical forms and our team doctor will also have a copy of your medical forms.


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