Interested in Transplant Soccer at the World Transplant Games?

A message from the WTGF President, Chris Thomas;

The World Transplant Football Commission, in partnership with World Transplant Games Federation, is pleased to announce that we will be holding two “Fit for Life!” exhibition football matches as part of the opening day celebrations of the World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain.

Transplant athletes and living donor athletes are invited to register their interest in being considered to play in the two matches to be held on Sunday, June 25. We are currently working with the Local Organising Committee to finalise details but we expect the matches to be held around midday to allow everyone to be ready for that evening’s Opening Ceremony. We anticipate a social match and a more competitive match of 25 minutes each way. Both matches will be played in fun and low contact way and create a nice environment and great way to start the games.

The newly formed Commission hopes to make this an international affair so we will be selecting players representing different countries.  To be considered you will need to have your medical certificate for the games confirming that you are eligible to compete in one of the high intensity sports at the games.

To registered your interest simply return to your online registration and tick the Exhibition Football Match under Activities. Or you can send an email to and an application form will be sent.

See you in Malaga!

Chris Thomas


World Transplant Games Federation

Let me know if you’re interested (

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