A Tribute to the Prolific Colin White, Team Ireland Manager 

As the week at the 21st World Transplant Games in Malaga has drawn to a close, Team Ireland has returned home victorious. Transplant Team Ireland arrived in Dublin airport yesterday evening. In the arrivals’ hall, the team paid tribute to the team manager extraordinaire that is Colin White, for all of his tireless work and support for the team during the week-long Games in Malaga and of course the tireless work he did in the months leading up to the Games.
Colin is a man of many hats, as his roles not only include being a much loved Transplant Team Ireland Manager, he is also the National Projects Manager for the Irish Kidney Association as well as Secretary of the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Federation, and to add to this during the Games he was also reappointed as the Treasurer of the World Transplant Games Federation for another four year term.
Team Captain Harry Ward has known Colin for many years and can vouch for what a committed and successful manager he is, Harry said, “Colin is such a hard working, diligent man. He makes sure we are all okay above himself. He never stops working, even on the bus between venues. I consider him to be an excellent man and a great friend.”
At the end of the week Team Doctor, Claire Kennedy reflected on the vast amount of preparation by Colin in the lead up to the Games which was followed by an incredible amount of work during the week at the Games. It was this tireless work and effort that ensured the enjoyment of the Games for the entire team.
Claire said, “He put in an incredible amount of background work in the lead up to in the Games that ensured everything ran very smoothly. He was last to bed every night and sometimes he was working into the early hours and first up in the morning. He was up at the crack of dawn every morning to make sure everyone got to each event. He is such a dedicated and kind team manager. Hopefully the team will have him for many years to come. He gave it 110%. A successful Games for him is when everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.”

In addition to all of his many roles with the Irish Kidney Association, Transplant Team and Games federation, Colin is a much loved husband, son and brother. His wife Chikoyo greeted Colin at the Airport with open arms, proud of all that he has achieved.

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