Ned is on target at Archery #WHBTG

Today was the first day of the 2017 Westfield Health British Transplant Games which is being held in North Lanarkshire in Scotland. This annual event attracts competitors from across the UK and we are extremely fortunate to be invited to join in celebrating the Gift of Life that is Organ Donation.

Having medalled in Archery at last year’s British Transplant Games Ned Crowe was back for more! Ned’s wife, Deirdre, and son, Sean, are also at this year’s Games and they were great support for Ned – Sean kept a tally of his score throughout the competition to keep us all informed.

While the rain stayed off it was quite windy which added to the challenge. Ned held his nerve and scored consistently throughout the competition. There was a wait after the last arrow was loosed until the results were announced. Ned felt he had done well but was unsure of where he had finished. When it came to the medal ceremony we were all delighted when Ned was called forward to receive the GOLD MEDAL! A fantastic result and Deirdre is now looking to measure up the back garden and Ned may be getting archery equipment for Christmas!

Whilst this was going on Finian Farrell and Noel Marsden were competing in snooker. For both of them this is their first British Games and it was also the first time we had anyone competing in snooker so it was a big unknown. The two lads competed well and enjoyed the session.

Earlier in the day I competed in the triathlon which was open to supporters as well as transplant recipients. It was the first year of the event at the British Games and was well organised. It was a great feeling to be a participant and it was a real reminder of the value of the noisy Irish supporters – I competed with a smile on my face and they kept me going when it was getting tough! I was delighted to come away with a bronze medal and lots of good memories.

The official opening ceremony was held this evening in Ravenscraig and it was quite the spectacle with hundreds of transplant recipients, old and young, parading in and showcasing the fact that organ donation for transplantation transforms lives. When the living donors and donor families paraded into the arena there was a standing ovation that was filled with respect, awe, appreciation and so many other positive emotions.

After the opening it was time to get a bite to eat and now it is time to go to bed. Noel is up in table tennis in the morning followed by Finian in tennis and Ned and Charlie in ten pin bowling. In the evening we have Charlie, Mike, Finian and Ned up in the darts.



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