Siblings, they’re kind of special…

A younger sister’s take on the organ donation and transplantation journey undertaken by her sister and brother…

“So tomorrow marks one year of my amazingly strong brother Owen’s 2nd kidney transplant which was donated by my beautiful and brave ass sister Niamh Gregory.

A week rolling up to the transplant everyone was getting ready ,figuring out what and where there roles were needed. And of course everyone was getting nervous 😟

Before and after...
Before and after…

The morning Niamh went down to the operating room I decided to go to school and just not think about it too much but obviously that was hard when everyone knew what was going on. “Are you ok?” from everyone, and I am saying this now , without all them are u Ok from both teachers , friends and family I would never have made it through everything so everyone who helped me and my family THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️

Awhile after it was Owen’s turn and my lord he was prepared! He had left school 1 or 2 weeks before so he didn’t get sick or anything but every morning lunch and dinner he would either go for a jog or a cycle because he believed that if he was healthy and fit the operation would go way better. He did believe right as he was up standing and walking around 2 days later and of course eating nanny Gregory’s ham sandwiches! Both my family and the doctors were amazed. And here now Owen is healthy as ever able to eat and drink what he wants with out doctors annoying him.

Niamh after the operation was, well at first it was like she was on the wine 😂. But once the painkillers went away she was definitely feeling the pain but was still being strong as ever. When Niamh came home she was not allowed to work for 6-8 weeks and that was very hard for Niamh as she’s not the type to sit down and lay around. But at this stage that’s all she wanted to do as she had no energy really and just felt like poop , But after a month or so she was back to normal and delighted with what she had done, and everyone else was sooo proud of her.

So a year later now here we are and Owen is back playing football ⚽️ and is now a driver tooo 🚗.
Niamh is back working 💇🏼‍♀️ and goin on her adventure with her babes 😂 Stewy Dowling

I am absolutely over the moon with how strong my siblings are and I love them to bits and hope that this kidney will last him a lifetime ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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