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2018ETDSC Logo

Cagliari from 17th to 24th of June 2018
Dear Team Managers,
Here is an information package to help you get oriented after your arrival.
Those Teams arriving on June 17th will meet Cagliari 2018 volunteers at the airport.
At the Airport, there will be an ETDSC ‘’Cagliari 2018’’ Help Desk easy to recognize, in which there will be always a volunteer ready to help and guide you to the Cagliari 2018 Buses.

Please, make sure that all of you have informed the volunteers of the ETDSC ‘’Cagliari 2018’’ Help Desk of your arrival.

Cagliari 2018 buses will take Teams who have registered for Full Package with accommodation to the hotel. The driver will be easily recognizable: he will have a sign with the logo of the ETDSC Cagliari 2018 and the destination written in capital letters.

The LOC will provide the transfer service from Airport to Hotel and vice versa only for those participants who have registered for Full Package with accommodation and which have given us a clear information about their Arrival and Departure time.
Make sure you have given us your arrival information so that we can minimize your waiting time at
the airport.

The bus trip from the Airport to the Hotel will take approx. 35 mins.
All teams will have a Team Attaché appointed to them. The Team Attaché will help Team Managers during the Registration process and may also help teams during the week.

In every affiliated Hotel (Setar, Califfo, Holiday Inn and Quadrifoglio) there will
be a Help Desk (from June 17th 10 am onwards), in which there will be some
hostess ready to help you get oriented and to move on to the registration process.
Registration is open for Team Managers from Sunday June 17th 10:00hrs (10am)
onwards following the opening times of the Help Desk (have a look at point 11).
It is Team Manager’s responsibility to pick up team badges and goodie bags from the Help Desks
located in the affiliated Hotels.
• For those Teams which do not stay in the affiliated Hotels there will be the possibility to take badges and goodies of their Team from the Hotel Setar.
During registration Team Managers must confirm all participants and all sport registrations so, take all your team information with you to the registration event.
The main Help Desk –with the LOC referents- at the Hotel Setar is open daily (7:30am-7:00pm) from Sunday June 17th onwards.

The Opening Ceremony will be held on Monday June 18th at Campo Coni starting
at 16:30hrs (4:30pm). Buses from the Hotel will depart at 15:30hrs (3:30pm).
Remember! During the Ceremony, for the march, all competitors must wear their
official national tracksuit. Teams will march behind their country flag to the Campo Coni. Total marching distance is around 200 meters.
The Opening Ceremony program will last approx. 2 hours.

Team Manager meetings are generally held at 18:00hrs (6pm) at the Conference Hall
in the Hotel Setar.
The first Team Manager meeting (for ETDSC events) will be on Sunday June 17th
at 20:00hrs (8pm).
The Team Manager meeting on Monday 18th, after the Opening Ceremony, is held in the Hotel Setar around 19:30hrs (7:30pm).
After the TM’s meeting, all team managers will dinner at the Hotel Setar Restaurant.
Team Manager meetings will focus on sport events only.
Any issues with accommodation, meals etc. can be sorted out with your Team Attaché or by visiting the Help Desks.
All participants need to have the badge always with them.
For those who have registered for Full Package with accommodation:
• Breakfast is served at Hotel.
• During competition days (from 17th to 24th June), all lunches will be organized by packets lunch which are distributed at the Hotel.
• Dinner will be served at the Hotel.
Participants are transported to sport venues, dialysis center and Opening Ceremony
by Cagliari 2018 buses:
• For those who have registered for Full Package with accommodation (Setar,
Califfo, Quadrifoglio and Holiday Inn) buses will depart from their Hotel.
• For those which do not stay in these Hotels they will have the possibility to take these buses from the Hotel Setar – HUB.
Participants need to have their badge with them and visible to enter the Cagliari 2018 Buses.
Dialysis shuttles:
The buses for the dialysis centers will depart from:
– Monday 18th: from Campo Coni at 18:00hrs. (6:00 pm)
– Wednesday 20th: from Hotel Setar at 18:00 hrs. (6:00 pm)
– Friday 23rd: from Hotel Setar at 18:00 hrs. (6:00 pm)
We remind you that all your team members must be at the Cagliari 2018 bus stop, for the pick-up in the Bus, 10 minutes before the departure time set in the transfer plan.
Attached you will find a TRANSFER PLAN that will be surely more useful and easy to understand.
➢ Obviously, the departure’s times of Cagliari 2018 Buses are pre-determinate and they are not modifiable. Anyone (competitors, team managers, supporter etc.) who wants to stay in the Hotel after the pick-up time will have to make his own plans to organize his transfer to reach any place.

Little point for TM’s Meetings:
We remind you that the LOC will provide you the transfer to go back to your affiliated hotel, but it is in the responsibility of all Team Managers to organize their transportation to go at the TM’s Meeting.

All participants can request free public transport tickets for the City at the Help Desk of the affiliated Hotels.
You can ask for further information about public transport etc. at the Help Desk or from your Team Attaché.

For cyclists which stay in the Hotels Holiday Inn and Quadrifoglio, we inform you
that in the days of the competition (19th and 20th June) there will be a transfer
reserved only for bikes which will bring your bicycles to the Hotel Setar, where all
cyclists will meet.

For any doubt or request of clarification you can contact your Team Attachè or the group of Hostess which will stay in the Help Desk of your conventional Hotel every day of the Competition:
– Sunday 17th: from 10:00 hrs. to 20:00 (10 am – 8 pm)
– Monday 18th: from 7:00hrs to 11:00hrs (7-11 am) and from 14:00hrs to 17:00hrs (2-4 pm).
– From Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23th: from 7:00hrs to 11:00hrs (7-11 am) and from 15:00hrs to 18:00hrs (3-6 pm).
They will be surely glad to help you!
If you have urgency to speak with the LOC references, you can directly contact them in the Main Help Desk in the Hotel Setar from 7:30hrs to 19:00hrs (7:30 am – 7:00 pm).

Those Teams (who have registered for Full Package with accommodation) departing on June 24th will find Cagliari 2018 buses right out of their affiliated Hotel.
The buses for Cagliari’s Airport will depart from the affiliated Hotels more or less 3 hours before the departure’s flight times.

Ask to the Reception if it is possible to set a wakeup call in each room!
It is very important to be on time!

How does the booking of this trip work?
We accept bookings until one day before at 18:00hrs (6pm); you can book your trip directly in the Help Desk of one of the affiliated Hotels.
➢ But, you have to pay the fee in the Main Help Desk (LOC’s office) of the Setar Hotel and we will give you a ticket that confirms your reservation.
Keep the ticket with you! It will be your pass for the trip bus.
The day of the trip you have to give it to the tour guide that will welcome you on board.
Dates of tour trip19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd June 2018
Overall duration: 4 hours (approximately from 9.00 to 13.00)
Price: 35€/person (incl. transportation)
Discovering Cagliari (historic quarters of Castello, Stampace, Marina and Villanova): • Pisan walls and towers (inaccessible for restoration), we only see them from the outside • Regio Arsenale • Arsenal, Independence, Mundula, Palazzo Squares • Cathedral • Saint Remy and Santa Croce bastion • Via Corte d’Appello and Jewish Quarter • Via Cammino Nuovo (Spanish walls) • Piazza Yenne • Church of Sant’Anna • Church of San Michele Arcangelo • Church Sant’Efisio • Piazza Dettori, Piazza Savoia, via Manno, via Barcelona • Terrapieno • Piazza San Giacomo, Piazza San Domenico and churches • Public Gardens and Gardens under the walls with Sciola’s sculptures






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