New Team Ireland Doctor – Heather Gunning

Heather Gunning, a Renal Doctor working in Beaumont has joined the Team this year at the 10th European Transplant & Dialysis Championships in Cagliari, Italy. Heather, a Down native living in Dublin has been busy ensuring Team Ireland are staying fit and healthy while participating in the Championships.

Heather is really enjoying her first time with the team, she said, “It’s been a great experience so far, every member of the team is very inspirational. I often look after people when they’re sick so its lovely to see the other side of it and see transplant recipients and those on dialysis, who are fit and healthy enough to enjoy life to its fullest and participate in these competitive events.  It’s also lovely to see the relationships between everyone on the team. Team Ireland are like an extended family, the friendship and comradery between them is inspirational. These people have been through difficult times but they come through the other side laughing, smiling and having fun.”

Heather has not only been a great team addition from a medical perspective, she has also been a friendly and approachable addition to the team. Team Captain Harry Ward (Baldoyle) spoke of Heather’s affable nature, “she is extremely friendly and helpful, she really fits in with the team. She’s always vigilant to make sure everyone has their sun cream and medication, and looks out for each and every member of the team. She’s a brilliant addition to Team Ireland”.

Team Manager Colin White also spoke of Heather’s mix of professionalism and friendliness, “she has fitted into the team very well. She is a keen and enthusiastic support, always happy to attend events and cheer on Team Ireland as well as making sure the team stay healthy while in Italy.”

Team Ireland will return to Dublin on Sunday 24th of June at approx. 3.15pm. A homecoming reception will take place at Dublin airport arrivals hall (Terminal 1).

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