Sports Programme 2019

Planning for our 2019 season is well under way. We have a big two years ahead of us with the Worlds on just across the water in Newcastle in August and we will be hosting the Europeans in 2020 – a great opportunity to up our game and grow our programme!

Facilities Currently booked for 2019 are listed below. We are also open to booking other facilities on other dates as we are actively seeking input from National Governing Bodies and others so that we can offer as many opportunities as possible for people to achieve their own goals in relation to transplant/dialysis sport.


I look forward to people networking and coming together outside any centrally planned sessions so that we embrace as many people as possible and open opportunities to ensure that we all stay motivated to achieve our personal goals.

ALSAA Sports Complex: 

Sunday 13th:                            ALSAA     Sports Hall / Swimming / Bowling

Sunday 3rd:                              ALSAA       Sports Hall / Swimming / Darts / Bowling

Sunday 3rd:                              ALSAA       Sports Hall / Swimming / Table Tennis /                                                                                         Bowling

Friday 5th – 7th:                     5 Nations Golf Tournament (Edinburgh)

Sunday 14th:                           ALSAA       Sports Hall / Swimming / Squash / Bowling

Sunday 5th:                              ALSAA       Sports Hall / Swimming / Tennis / Bowling

Sunday 2nd:                             ALSAA       Sports Hall / Swimming / Track / Bowling

Sunday 7th:                              ALSAA       TEAM KIT DAY (World Games)

Wednesday 24th –29th          British Transplant Games (Newport, Wales)

Saturday 17th – 24th              World Transplant Games (Newcastle, England)

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