Cycling event in Andorra in July

We received the correspondence below today. If you are interested in getting involved please contact


Dear WTGF,
I’m María Jesús Martínez, Team Manager and only athlete that represented for the
first time Andorra at The World Transplant Games in Newcastle 2019.
In recent days ATIDA, The Transplant & Donors Association of Andorra began to work
an idea that fill us with illusion and joy, putting together a group of recipient cyclists to
participate all together at the Multissegur Volta als Ports ciclying route. With the stong
relation that join us with Deporte y Trasplante España, we already have a fine group of
people interested in the idea.
As you know, in terms of donation and transplants Andorra is far behind other
countries. The organ, cell, tissue and blood donation law is as recent as 2018 and we
are not yet an organ provider hospital for missing organization and protocols.
Little by little, the government is working with OCATT and ONT to make donation in
Andorra a reality. But for the moment the sick people of Andorra benefits from
donations of our neighboring countries Spain and France.
For this reason I wanted to make donation and transplant visible in my country. We
want to demonstrate that the second opportunities are worthwhile and that we are
thankful to our donors and their families for this second opportunity.
I would ask you if you could send this information to the team managers of other
countries and cyclists in case they want to encourage their team members to come to
Andorra and participate in this magnificent march.
Andorra is a wonderful small country with lovely landscapes for the visitors to enjoy,
not only the cycling race but to have an amazing time visiting a new country.
This is the official link of the race, so you have more information:
The race date is July 5, 2020
You can pass my contact:
WhatsApp: +376 389757
Social networks: Facebook: mari martinez, Instagram: marimrtnez85.
Thank you very much in advance.
A warm greeting to all

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