We Want You!

With the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships coming up in Dublin in August (www.etdsc2020.com) we are keen to expand our sports programme and welcome in plenty of newcomers.

There is a wide variety of sports available (see poster below) and all ages and abilities are welcome. The programme is open to people on dialysis and people with a functioning transplant (kidney, liver, lungs, heart, pancreas, bone marrow).

A5_Euro2020 Leaflet_We Want You-page-001

We have a series of sessions planned for the ALSAA Sports Complex (www.alsaa.ie) which offer the opportunity to engage with a range of sports and, more importantly, an opportunity to meet others with a similar lived experience. The goal is to encourage as many people as possible to b physically active – your level of activity is very much your decision (we operate a sports for all approach, including being part of our team for the Europeans.

Please feel free to print off our recruitment posters and bring them to clinic or share with friends / family (see below). If you would like us to send you out some posters or flyers (please specify A3, A4 and / or A5.

Together we will speak with a powerful voice and through the medium of the Championships in August we will get the country engaging in the #OrganDonationConversation.

A3_Euro2020 Leaflet-We want you

A4_Euro2020 Leaflet-We Want You

A5_Euro2020 Leaflet_We Want You



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