Thomas Flannery – Monaghan

Thomas Flannery received a transplant in 2016. He resides in Monaghan, Co. Monaghan.

Thomas will be competing at this year’s World Transplant Games in the 70-79 years category in the following events:

  • Track & Field – Ball Throw
  • Track & Field – Discus
  • Track & Field – Javelin
  • Track & Field – Shot Putt
  • Track & Field – 100m

A first time competitor at the World Transplant Games, Thomas has previously taken part in the European Heart and Lung Transplant Games in Italy 2018. He has been involved in track and field athletics in the past, both as a competitor and coach, and believes participation in sport is essential to wellbeing.

It is generally accepted that regular exercise, in some form, contributes to good health and wellness and is necessary for all. Motivation and maintaining an interest over a lengthy period can be difficult for many. I find that having a target to aim for, such as preparation for World Transplant Games, provides that motivation.

‘Apart from competing at that level and performing to the best of my ability I hope to gain from the experience of meeting other participants from around the world and participating in the general atmosphere associated with the games, which will leave lasting memories.

‘As this will be my first World Transplant Games I am looking forward to all aspects of the games including the location which is associated with heart and lung transplants, it being the primary transplant centre in the U.K.’