Trevor Lynch – UK (Limerick)

Trevor Lynch received a bone marrow transplant in 2014 and in 2016. He is originally from Limerick, and now resides in the UK with his wife Sue and children Aishling and Kieran.

Trevor will be competing in this year’s World Transplant Games in the 50-59 years category in the following events:

  • 5k Mini-marathon
  • Track & Field – 1500m
  • Track & Field – 800m
  • Track & Field – Relay 4x400m

This is Trevor’s first World Transplant Games, but he has previously competed for Ireland in the British Transplant Games in 2018, winning Silver in the 5k and Bronze in the Track and Field 1600m.

Trevor was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in January 2012. Originally it was hoped that six months of intensive chemotherapy would take care of this – indeed, he enjoyed almost fifteen months of remission during which he participated in multiple half marathons and triathlons, but relapsed in late 2013. He then had the first of his bone marrow transplants in 2014, but relapsed again a year later and had a second bone marrow transplant (this time an Allograft – stems cells from an unrelated donor) in February 2016.

Since 2016 (a few minor flare-ups and some radiotherapy in 2018 aside) Trevor has enjoyed progressively improved health and is pleased to be in good enough shape to take part in the World Transplant Games.

Trevor has always enjoyed sporting activities – from cycling as a teenager and playing junior soccer to running and triathlons. All throughout his treatment, he kept up his training runs – no matter how bad he felt after treatment, he always felt better after a run. To this day he believes that being as fit as possible helped him prepare for all the treatment he received, and helped him recover quickly and successfully.

I am really excited about being part of Transplant Team Ireland at the World Transplant Games. I have family members coming from all over to support me and I hope it will be a wonderful and celebratory occasion.

‘The team is really friendly and welcoming, and it is great to compete with (and against) people who have been through similar experiences to me. Being part of Transplant Team Ireland also gives motivation to remain as fit and healthy as possibly through the winter months, knowing there is a competition coming up the following summer.