Getting Around


Malaga has a very efficient local bus service network to connect you to areas around the city centre. The buses are operated by a company called EMT.

  • Single bus tickets cost 1.30 euro.
  • A rechargeable multi trip card can be purchased and recharged from the EMT office, the kiosk in the centre of the Alameda and many Estancos (Tobacconists).
  • The monthly season ticket  ‘recharge’ is €39.95 euro  or €27.00 euro for students and retired.
  • Click the image below for more information.



Malaga has a two-line metro system that runs from the centre to the west and south-west of the city. There are different tickets availabe for purchase.

  • One journey costs between €0.82 and €1.35
  • Click the image below for more information.Metro-Malaga


As with several other European countries, train services are modern, extensive and efficient, making travel by train to and from Malaga from other Spanish cities a delight.

  • Click the image below for more information.


Other forms of local transport include

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