Messages of Support Pour In For Team Ireland

Niall Quinn’s message of support

As Transplant Team Ireland faces its third day of competition at the World Transplant Games 2019, messages of support have been rolling in from friends, family and supporters of the 38 athletes who are showcasing the success of transplantation. Among the supporters who send messages of encouragement were Minister for Health Simon Harris (see below) and Sports Minister Shane Ross, the Rose of Tralee festival Abu Dhabi Rose Karen Cashman from Cork whose younger sister Edel undewent a liver transplant (see below). The British Embassy in Dublin also showed support on social media (See below). Various sports governing bodies also send messages of goodwill including The Confederation of Golf in Ireland (see below) and Cycling Ireland who expressed their admiration for the “huge level of commitment and dedication required to compete at such a high level”.

Irish soccer legend Niall Quinn sent a video message from Newcastle (see above) where he met team member James Nolan in Newcastle recently and he said

“I’m here with James Nolan from Transplant Team Ireland. I want to wish all of the other competitors who have gone through all of the hard work to get to those brilliant games that are on in August well, to congratulate you and also to send you a message of spirit and hope from the people like myself here who are very proud of what you are doing, are proud of what you have done in your life and proud that you are showing that there is a great route forward after you have had the major traumas in your life that you guy have had.

I would also like to say well done on getting people to donate because of course you know the value of that, and if we can push a little further for organ donor subscriptions that would be great too. Have a great games –  represent your country, feel proud. There is a lot of proud people here looking out for you.”

Health Minister Simon Harris
British Embassy
Federation of Golf in Ireland
Abu Dhabi Rose of Tralee Karen Cashman

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