We Want Your Support!

This is a VERY exciting year for our team as we have home ground advantage given that we are hosting the European Transplant & Dialysis Sports Championships in Dublin in August and we are looking to grow our ‘family’ significantly!


Our team members cover the majority of the costs involved in them competing at the Championships (including accommodation, meals, etc.) so we are asking you to show your support and help us support their efforts!

You can click on the team logo below to donate to the team. Every donation counts and your support will help ensure that we can maximise the opportunities for as many people as possible.

Support our Team!
Sponsor our team!

The last time we hosted the event in 2010 we had over 70 competitors on our team, our goal is to go higher this time and we want you on board to share our celebration of the Gift of Life and the promotion of the benefits of active living for all ages and abilities!

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